Introduction to Nigeria

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Nigeria

Nigeria’s official name is The Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is located in the western part of Africa and was named after the Niger River that runs directly through the country.

Nigeria’s location in Africa

Nigeria’s government is a democracy system modeled off America. They are made up of 36 states. The northern states are mainly Muslim practitioners where the South is compromised mainly of Christians. Abuja is the capital and located almost directly in the middle of the country but is not one of the larger cities in Nigeria. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, it has six cities with over one million people. These cities are located all around the country. It’s largest city is Lagos. Located near the northern west coast of the country, it is home to eight million people.

Nigeria’s 36 states

Nigeria’s official language is English but many traditional languages are still spoken amongst the people. The country has over 250 different ethnic groups and a total of 521 languages. The main ethnic groups are the Fulani/Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo. They make up 62 percent of the country’s population.

Nigeria is a pro African country who has always been ready to support any anti-colonial government. It is also known for its vast amount of oil. Nigeria is the largest trade partner with the US in the Sub-Sahara area and supplies a fifth of it’s oil imports. Oil sales are responsible for 40% of the country’s GDP and 80% of the government’s revenue. Other ways Nigeria makes money is through its telecommunications market and its mineral resources. It use to be known for its agriculture but the mining industry is slowly becoming more prominent because of all the natural resources located under Nigerian soil.

Recent news says that Nigeria might become the new power house in Africa overtaking South Africa because of their fast growing economy. But it is also said that the country needs to diversify its income in order to keep growing like it is.


(Brooke Morris)

  1. jimobright says:

    I didn’t know Nigeria was so diverse. I don’t know how I’d deal with over 500 languages spoken in my home country. It sounds like it would be an interesting country to live in.

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