The Kenya(n) March Maddness

Posted: March 10, 2013 in All Posts, Kenya

Author: Konstantsa Karaleeva

THE TERM March madness IN THE USA    refers to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)  Basketball Championship which features 68 college basketball teams. Most of the games take place in March and March Madness has become one of the nation’s most prominent sporting events.

In the beginning of March , Kenya experienced it’s own type of madness. It was also international global madness. Kenya was in all of the mainstream media. On March 4th , 2013 , Kenya hold its most historical and expected elections. Claus Stacker from the African service of Deutche Welle , said that this is the most important elections for Kenya since its independence. He made parallel between Kenya today and South Africa in 1994.

                                            Why this elections are historical for Kenya ?

These are the first elections since 2007. Then after the elections there was a lot of violence acts and more than 1000 people were killed. Kristi, 25 years, a student at University of Missouri, who moved to the States of the age of seven, explained it to me really shortly “ It was crazy “ she said. The sophomore from the J school Batul Hassan, who did her internship in Kenya in the summer, shared that fro the summer last year people were excited about the elections .The tension in Kenya started long before march , 2013. Not only Kenyans were concern about the upcoming event. Everyone was wondering if the violence acts form 2007 would repeat in 2013.

World leaders also were concerned with the elections. The President of the United States of America (USA), Barack Obama recorded a video with a message for the Kenyans… Many people related this with the fact that Obama has special relation with Kenya since his father is from there.

The Big day


The big day had come. There were 14 million registered votes. The pulls remained open till 5 pm. There were some early morning attacks and twelve people were killed. These attacks seemed like activists movement. The atmosphere was reported to be pretty calm. Kennyata took the early lead.

It seems like this elections are really different fro those before 5 years. The official results were expected to be shown on Tuesday In the earliest. The results showed that is it possible that each o the candidates will have 50% of the votes. In this case next election will be in April.

The next three days

 Tuesday, March 5th

There were still no official results. The early results are showing that Kenyatta is leading with 2% of the vote. Only 333 000 votes are counted so far.

Wednsday , march 6th—Kenya needs patience

It was still early for complains or celebrations. The results weren’t officials. Kenyatta’s official spokersman had told that the final counting can have impact on the final result.kenya za den 3

Thursday , march 7th


“The votes are doctored”, claim the presidential runners mate. The tension is growing as the time passes by. The fear of violence is growing. One of the ministers claimed that the voting has to start again. The votes are counted on hand.

78 hours later—-Mid night Surprise!


Friday, March 8th-Official result

Finally. Kenya knows the name of its next president- Uhuru Kenyatta. His re-election will definitely impact the connection of Kenya with the west. The official results came surprisingly. The new president was announced at 2:35  am , local time. This was supposed to happen, at 11 am , local time Saturday. The tension during the week now for sure will explode in many parts of Kenya. People there don’t have problems with who will be their president, but the way he is selected.

The counting of the votes , again was doubtful and raised many questions. The announcement in the middle of the night also seemed like trend of unclearness of the elections fairness.

Uhuru Kenyatta has to face the criminal justice court in hague in July because he is blamed for crimes against the humanity. He claims to be innocent. Now the problem will be that he will try to run a country and in the same time not to go to the jail. Ts re-election will definitely impact connection of Kenya with some of the biggest world forces.

Saturday March 9th-First reations

After it is official that Kenayatta has won the elections with 50.07% of the votes, his opponent said that he is ready to appeal.

Now we can only wait and see what is next.The world will hope for peaceful reaction of the recent events!



  1. jimobright says:

    Why even hold an election if it is going to be doctored? The only thing that is going to do is infuriate the citizens and make them less trustworthy of the government.

  2. amffz9 says:

    “Then after the elections there was a lot of violence acts and more than .000 people were killed.” Is this a typo? Also problems with the results of elections is relatively common in countries without a strong democratic tradition. If the loser is popular enough, all they have to do is say that the election was rigged to throw the country into choas(whether or not it was or not).

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