An Economy: Sierra Leone

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Sierra Leone
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Despite recent increases in GDP and standards of living, Sierra Leone remains among the poorest countries in the world. Impoverished citizens struggle with their circumstances everyday. The most charitable description one can give is hopeful.

After the civil war concluded in 2002, Sierra Leone was still in chaos. (Inflation) Inflationary pressure on consumer prices was only marginally better and it became difficult for the people to provide. In addition, the nations most profitable export, Diamonds, were still being smuggled out of the country. That situation has since improved.

These forces alone would be difficult to battle by themselves. Unfortunately, much of Sierra Leone’s infrastructure was destroyed in the fighting. Schools were demolished, roads were damaged, electricity became scarce, etc. Because these people lacked electricity, refrigeration ceased and food rotted more quickly.

Clean water and plumbing were perhaps the most vital systems that got broken. As a result of the lack of clean water, many became malnourished. Plumbing was seemingly non-existent, especially for the urban poor. This situation was exacerbated by the spread of cholera. Due to the absence of clean water, many have died as a result of this sickness. (Water Project)

Agriculture accounts for 43.2% of the nation’s GDP and is not a profitable source of income. Nearly two-thirds of the people participate in subsistence farming in which the crops are eaten instead of being sold and generating revenue. (Subsistence Farming)

However, it is important to note the positive steps being taken economically in Sierra Leone. Their GDP has grown in consecutive years and they are closer than ever to repairing the infrastructure.

It is difficult to see Sierra Leone not being able to succeed based solely on the abundance of natural resources available to them. (Fish, diamonds, bauxite, gold, iron, rice, cocoa, coffee, etc.)


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