Corruption in Sierra Leone

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Sierra Leone
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The biggest hurdle to the nation of Sierra Leone is the fight against corruption. It has long been a problem within the government. In fact, it is the most significant factor in how Sierra Leone came to be in their current circumstances.

Before the civil war, officials in the government and mine owners perpetrated a fraud against their workers and against their people. Through their power, they siphoned large amounts of money that was earmarked for the miners. When it was discovered, it caused great dissent among the people and gave the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) more ammo for their indignation of the ‘Freetown Elite’. (Corruption Leads to War)

Even though steps have been taken to combat the widespread corruption, it has largely been ineffective. Today, the nation has established an Anti-Corruption Commission whose duty is to find evidence of corruption and prosecute those who commit this crime. However, the commission is thought to be toothless and under-staffed to the point where it can make little difference. (Anti-Corruption Resource Center)

FreetownModern day Sierra Leone is still struggling. The extent of the dishonesty is unclear and drug trafficking, bribery, and smuggling are a regular occurrence. A tangled bureaucracy has appeared to have added to the number of opportunities for bribery, even in the courts. This influence has limited the people’s ability to access essential services like hospitals and a police force.(Anti-Corruption Resource Center)

One thing is clear to me. That without a mandate from the people and an exhaustive search in which the corrupted individuals are brought to justice – and in their places, effective oversight – Sierra Leone will not achieve anything.


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