Posted: May 12, 2013 in Nigeria

The Nigerian film industry is the third largest in the world after Hollywood and Bollywood. It isnt as well known as the first too but millions of Africans can not get enough of its movies. Nollywood is not like the other two world movie making powerhouses though. Movies are not made for big screens they are all made completely digitally, edited on home computers and delivered to the market as VHS, DVD or VCDs.

The Money

Nollywood started in the early 1990s and has since becoming a $286 million dollar industry. This is incredible because the films have extremely smal budgets and sell for only a couple of dollars each. What makes this industry is the volume of directors and movies produced. There are a total of 300 directors that make an average of 2400 movies each year. Most of the films are in English so they are able to be appreciated by everyone and not get blocked up by the many languages Nigerians speak.

What the movies are about

Most Nollywood films are made in around 2 weeks so films are able to keep up with the curent events in Nigeria. The extreme changes in political and cultural climate give Nollywood directors a plethora of topics to talk about. Most films revolve around corruption, folkloric legends, cautionary tales, HIV/AIDS,  and of course romantic comedies. What makes these films so interesting is they always show an unfiltered view of African culture intended for an African audience.

This is Nollywood

This is Nollywood is a Nollywood film about Nollywood. It talks about a movie that is being made in 9 days and gives and insight on how Nollywood movie are made


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