The Death Penalty in Sudan

Posted: May 12, 2013 in All Posts, Sudan

Sudan will keep capital punishment in place unless amendments are made to the country’s constitution, said Sudan’s Chief Justice Chan Reec Madut on Friday May 3rd.

Madut appeared to be reacting to recent reports by civil rights activists, who coupled with international human rights organizations, are calling for the abolishment of capital punishment.

In a separate interview, Warrap state’s acting president of the High Court, Nyok Monyrac, who in April presided over murder-related cases in the capital Kuacjok, said that there was no alternative to capital punishment “by hanging” unless changes are made to the constitution.

Monyrac is quoted as saying, “There are three people who have been convicted in Kuacjok. They are now awaiting execution. All the processes are completed. The hearings have taken place and [the] judgment which established reasonable grounds for [the death] sentence has been made. They have now been sentenced to death by hanging in the proceedings because it has been proved beyond reasonable that the killings were deliberate. The convicts also accepted [the sentence]. In fact, one of the convicts said he had wanted to kill one of his targets but ended up mistakenly killing another innocent person.”

Monyrac said little was likely to change until the law is changed, adding that records show levels of crime have increased in Warrap so far this year, with over 40 murder and rape cases already reported. There were only 20 reported cases of murder and rape in the whole of 2012. Tonj East, Tonj South, Gogrial East and Twic have the highest crime rates.


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