Nigerian Education

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Nigeria

Nigeria’s total population is upwards of 120 million people, of this number 30 million are students. There are 27 federal and state-owned polytechnics in Nigeria and the first 6 years of schooling are mandatory. Primary school is six years long and starts at the age of 6. It is taught in the three main native languages (Hausa, Yoruba, and Ibo) but English is brought in in the third year. The Ministry of Education is in charge of regulating and maintaining the standards of each school including both government and private schools.

What the formal education system in Nigeria includes:

  • 6 years of primary schooling (age 6-11)
  • 3 years of junior secondary schooling (age 12-14)
  • 3 years of Senior secondary schooling (age 15-17)
  • 4 years of university education ending with a bachelor’s level degree

As you can see schooling is similar to what is done in the United States besides the fact that only the first six years of education is guaranteed. Students are allowed to go on to Secondary school based on the score they receive on the National Common Entrance Examination taken in their final year of primary school.  These secondary schools are extremely cheap ranging from (100-200) dollars depending on if they are Federal or State owned. Private secondary schools range from (1000-2000) these schools have smaller classes and a better learning environment. Teachers at Secondary schools must have a bachelors and a National Certificate of Education.



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